How to Wear Saree for Small Girl – Wearing a saree hadn’t any age limits, and there’s no doubt that almost all Indian girls/ladies love to wear a saree. it really does not matter which size you are, short or tall, after wearing the saree, it will always enhance adaptive your looks.

There’s a wrong myth that only tall girls look gorgeous in a saree, even if you are a short height girl, and if you know the pretty secret to look stunning in a saree, So it may make your best day!

Might be you are wondering about this topic- How to wear saree for small girl, how to look taller in sarees for short height, So Don’t worry,

Here I will share the best 11 tips & tricks; after following or understanding techniques, you can even wear the saree very confidentially even if you are a short girl.

How to Wear Saree for Small Girls? Here are the Best 11 Pro Tips:

1. Try to Avoid Big and Heavy Size Border

The heavy border does not help look well in a saree for short ladies; if you choose or put up a heavy or oversized border in your saree, the border will visibly decrease the saree length that makes it shorter than you.

So, if you have a short height, try to choose the thin borders, and you will love this choice also; it will give you an advantage for creating a vertical illusion because of adding into your height.

2. Focus on the Blouse Pattern

blouse design for short height

There’s nothing more than bad and if you wear ill-fitted blouse design with short height saree, it can make you look messy, a significant rule for you to try to avoid as you can look messy that’s why you have to always check out the blouse length.

It does not have to be too short and too long; otherwise, you might end up looking fuller and stuffy.

Meanwhile, focus on a low-cut neck or never choose the collar or high blouse if you are a short lady.

3. Always Pick Right Fabric

How to Wear Saree for Small Girl

Selecting the best type of fabric is most important for looking tall in a saree for short-height girls/ladies. Whenever you get a new saree, try to choose sheer,

flowy fabric and light-weight as they fit perfectly around your waist.

However, if you pick up the thick fabric and get stiff, it will help enhance your height and make you look like a tall girl.

You should choose fabrics like Georgette, Silk, Linen, Satin, chiffon, etc.

4. Pinning & Fitting

,saree for short ladies

This technique you should understand because this is very important for you; it will make you look messy or even shorter than your natural height.

During creasing and pleating the saree, consider you pin it up nicely to emphasize and place them right to make your curves gorgeous.

Also, avoid the big petticoats and always select the slim-fitting petticoats to enhance your curves and make you more gorgeous like you want to see yourself.

5. Accessories

Try to pick up only one or two jewelry pieces to look more pretty; if you wear the whole jewelry collection can make you shorter, it also has one more reason for this:

It creates a lot of drama in the outfit. If you wear the necklace, go for the ear with a lighter one; always choose the handcuffs and bracelet and finger-ring statement.

6. Pick-Up the Right Footwear

Heels are the most essential item for short girls in height. Might have heard that wearing heels in a saree will enhance the styling even though I thought without heels, a saree is incomplete.

If you do not love to wear heels, there are more options for you, such as Blocks, Kitten heels, wedges, and pumps. Mainly high heels are the primary intention to add up to your short height. Also, it will help you look gorgeous in a saree.

7. Avoid Big Prints

saree for short height girl

Usually, you might notice that big prints cover more space, which is the primary reason why you never opt for saree.

Also, if you wear a saree with big prints, it will show you broader than you are, even if there wouldn’t be any breaks in any pattern. So go always with the small prints, which flow better with fabric and help you look taller and leaner.

Whenever you are confused about which type of prints you should choose, always keep remembering this point if you do not want to look shorter height ladies/girls.

8. Avoid the Wrong Hairstyle

The right hairstyle can go a long way which makes you look taller. Here’s the fantastic styling secret trick, which, if you add it up, will impact your height.

Whenever it comes to your hairstyling, the tip is to try to make your hairstyling with a high bun, messy or neat, which can allow you a taller look. So do not separate your hair from the middle as it will make your face look rounder or make your height more shortened compared to the original.

9. Don’t Miss Vertical Stripes

saree draping for short height

If you really want a few prints on your saree, you can choose the best option: vertical stripes. Vertical stripes always give you an illusion frame for being tall or help you make taller in your height.

However, consider that you will always keep accessories to a minimum whether the patterns will always be enough for you to handle.

10. Try to choose black

sarees for short height

As you know, Black color is one of the versatile colors which never makes you disappointed. Not only this…but also it will make your look slim, also beneficial for you to look taller.

However, do not go with the elaborate hairdo as it wouldn’t make the charms of this black color. Also, let loose hair that hangs around your shoulders, and let it make you gorgeous with your saree look.

11. Pinning Up the Drape

Draping is very essential as far as saree for short ladies which are concerned with that. How you drape to your saree has a big say in how tall you are looking.

Here’s a general rule for you, consider that you pinned your pallu instead of letting it fall across with your shoulders. not only this…but also it will allow you to have a taller and gorgeous appearance.

Final Verdict – How to Wear Saree for Small Girl

In this post I have shared with you the best techniques of How to Wear Saree for short Girl, if you follow or understand, nobody can stop you from looking gorgeous in a saree if your height is short.

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