If you’re looking for a maxi miniskirt, I’ll assume you’re less than 5’4”. Which maxi skirt is best for women with short legs? How can short-legged women wear them without being overwhelmed by the extra fabric? You have come to the right place, and today we will share 7 Tips To Wear Maxi Skirts For Petites get answers to all these questions. The general belief is that short women only look good in short skirts (or should I tell a myth?). Most people agree that short women can wear short skirts, but we believe there are ways for short women to wear long skirts.
Now I’m talking about maxi length skirts for short women as well as long skirts. The long and short are relative, so we need to clarify that. Miniskirts are short, of course, but some may think that midi skirts (ending between the knees and ankles) are long.
When worn correctly, miniature maxi skirts can lengthen the petite figure of a short woman very well and become one of the most flattering items in your wardrobe. Here are the top 5 tips we want from petite bloggers and petite celebrities. to share with you to help achieve the effect of lengthening maxi skirts for short girls.

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7 Tips To Wear Maxi Skirts For Petites

1.The length is important Maxi Skirts For Petites

In order for short women to look good with a miniature maxi skirt, they must be of the right length. Some say that the ankle length is the best, others say that it is better to hit the floor. Those who prefer ankle length find this to be the lightest mini maxi skirt length for short women. For those who like to clean the floor, there is a good thing, because short female legs look the longest.
Both can work, depending on the opportunity you get dressed, the style of the miniature maxi skirt and the shoes you wear with them. The ideal length is that the skirt hem is slightly higher than the heel and is not difficult to walk on. Unnecessary length should be longer than the ankle. This makes your legs look amputated and it makes no sense to wear a petite maxi skirt.

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2. The top can make it or break it

petite size maxi skirts
Vanessa Hudgens, 5’1″ (Getty Images)

Well, this is something that most girls may not be aware of. What you wear on top is as important as, or even more important than, the maxi skirt itself. why? The top will change the proportion of your entire outfit. Proportions are probably the most important concept in styling tips for petite women. There are many ways to achieve better proportions, but in the end all will be one. In other words, make your body look like a 1/3 to 2/3 ratio (“one-third rule”). That is, the upper should be one-third of the body and the legs should be two-thirds.
If you are wearing a maxi skirt, the length of the skirt will extend the bottom and you can easily create 2/3. All you need to do is make sure your top makes up less than a third of your body. The best tops to achieve this? Crop top.

3. Solid colors or prints?

short girl style
courtesy of Eva, 5’2″, in maxi skirt from Petite

Another important factor to consider is what colors and prints a short woman will look good in a maxi-length petit skirt. In general, monochromatic dressings are the most attractive color styling method for short women, and this is also the case. For those unfamiliar with the term, a monochromatic dressing means that what you wear from head to toe should be derived from a single base shade and extended with that shade, shade, and hints. Means Wearing a single color creates the illusion of the length of a short woman and makes her look taller.
This does not mean that you can only wear one color on the top and bottom. If you are wearing a light blue top, a navy blue mini maxi skirt is perfect. (Read more on why short women should know plain clothes.) If you like prints, short women should avoid prints that are oversized or oversized. Many people love floral designs. The flower pattern can be swayed like a short woman if the flowers are proportional to their size. The mini maxi skirt covers such a large area of ​​your body, so you shouldn’t look too many colors.

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4. The secret to make your legs look longer

The main reason maxi-length skirts are a problem for short women is that too much fabric on the bottom tends to give the impression of a heavy bottom. For small children, you want to do the opposite. Club-yeti we want people to always focus on your face and upper body. One smart way to counter this is to wear a slit mini maxi skirt. The slots are on the front or side. This is my personal preference. In any case, a piece of skin on your foot will be visible through the cut, especially while walking. What a simple cut does for you is that it destroys the impression that your bottom half is too much fabric and creates the illusion of long legs for short women. This is petite 5’2 ” blogger Eva, wearing a maxi skirt with slits in the front. Doesn’t she explain how flattering a short female slit is? This made her legs many miles longer!

5. Look for vertical details

 Portia Stripe Maxi Skirt petite size

The vertical detail is a short female best friend. It comes in many forms. Vertical stripes and vertical prints are the easiest to understand. Alternatively, you can look for details that draw your eyes up and down, such as a row of vertically arranged buttons. They effectively stretch their legs and create an illusion of growth.

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6.Choose right shoes for it


As a short woman, if you want to add a few inches, you will prefer to wear a heel. Needless to say, high-heeled sandals allow short women to look taller with a petite maxi skirt. Usually short women are advised to be aware of the bulkiness of heels, such as a wedge, but if you are wearing a miniature maxi skirt, be sure to wear a wedge. The advantage is that you don’t know how bulky your heels are because the skirt is so long. Also, it’s not easy to tell if your length is beyond your legs or your heels. Isn’t that great? Wedge shoes also make it easier to walk with a miniature maxi-length skirt. But don’t think you need to wear heels with a petit maxi skirt. If you’re wondering what to pack in your Caribbean cruise outfit, bring your favorite flat sandals. Wear a maxi skirt by the beach or pool and enjoy a casual and chic bohemian look, one of the resort outfits recommended for petite women.

7. Choose the right material

Most of us wear maxi-length mini skirts in the summer or on vacation, which is usually warm or tropical. Therefore, natural materials are usually the best choice. Breathable fabrics such as silk, linen and cotton are ideal for wet rooms and when you sweat.
In addition, the fluid knit maxi skirt, unlike hard fabrics, naturally emphasizes the curves of the body and is generally suitable for short women. Petit maxi skirts made of lace or sheer are lightweight and stretch across the skin, allowing short women to be taller. This is a compliment and these are TIPS FOR HOW TO WEAR MAXI SKIRTS i hope you like it.

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