How to Dress Hourglass Shape Casually

The formation of an hourglass is more difficult than most people think, especially when worn. Hourglass figures are usually large, slender and plump, so they are easy to wear in more formal attire that show off curves like cocktail dresses. However, when it comes to stimulating clothing, many hourglass shape women find it challenging.

When choosing wear due to the hourglass shape, they usually want to soften the impression of ultra-feminine curves, so they choose to “hide” the shape. The hourglass looks awkward.

The best way to dress up an hourglass is to wear the perfect outfit for everyday wear, as it includes an hourglass shape smoothing structure. This includes well-tailored jackets and blazer, belted coats and casual waist dresses. In other words, the best casual hourglass style is smart casual. Contrary to the general belief that casual wear is the same as loose clothing, women in hourglasses wear oversized or shapeless clothing because they create volume and look larger than themselves.

Hourglass casual wear unique challenge

  • The hourglass shape generally appears to be fleshy rather than bony. Even when you’re thin, you still don’t look thin compared to women with a different body type.
  • Because most casual clothing, such as T-shirts or cardigans, is loose fitting, hourglasses can look heavier than they actually are.
  • Since hourglass shaped women tend to have shorter waists, this combined with your large breasts can help you look pregnant in a casual top.
  • Jeans are especially hard on the hourglass because what fits your thin waist will usually be too tight on your plump hips. Vice versa, if the jeans fit your butt, they tend to be too loose for your small waist.
  • To better understand what looks good in hourglass shape in everyday life, I will now take a closer look at each category with details of which tops, bottoms, outerwear and shoes are the best and worst hourglass shapes.

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How to Dress Hourglass Shape Casually

The best option for an hourglass is jeans that do not fit your legs but are shaped. Straight fit or straight fit jeans provide good balance and are a great choice for an hourglass.

Curvy hips are usually hourglass-shaped. If this is you, then wide jeans are best for you because they fit your hips and drape beautifully underneath. If you are walking with a wide leg, it is best to wear them with a block heel. You should choose a length of jeans that is long enough to cover part of your heels to create a longer, slimmer silhouette.
Skinny jeans accentuate the curves of the buttocks and legs. If you are an hourglass with full thighs, they are not your best friend because they can make you heavier. If you are an hourglass with slender legs, then skinny jeans are for you.

Avoid overly loose boyfriend jeans. They don’t shape your buttocks and add too much volume to your lower half.

Many hourglasses have a shorter waist and longer stature. If that’s you, then high-waisted jeans are the most comfortable to wear on a daily basis. If you are short (under 5’4 ”) and hourglass-shaped, high-rise jeans are most flattering for you because they can make your legs look longer than they really are.

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Black or dark jeans are the best colored hourglass jeans because of their slimming effect.

Since it is difficult for an hourglass shape to find jeans that fit both your waist and your bottom at the same time, your best strategy is to choose a size that fits your bottom and then take it to a tailor to reduce your waist to fit your waist.

Low-rise jeans should be avoided with an hourglass because they will make your belly look full. They don’t look good on every body type, and they don’t particularly benefit the curvy hourglass figure.


Since hourglass shaped women usually have a shorter waist, you want a dress that can lengthen your waist and accentuate your thin waist.

Fitted dresses are the best hourglass silhouette for casual wear. The lines of the shape with a modest flare are universally suitable for ladies with an hourglass.

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Avoid very busy and large prints. The hourglass already has the most feminine shapes, so any large floral prints or large patterns will seem “redundant” on the hourglass case.

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How to Dress Hourglass Shape Casually

The best casual hourglass tops are those that have a simple cut and fit around the waist, such as a fitted T-shirt or blouse.

Casual bottoms, such as a sweetheart neckline, a deep v-neck, or a U-neck, are best for the hourglass because they break up your larger chest and make your upper body look slimmer.

Shows Melanie, 4ft 11in, hourglass figure.

Sometimes, when the hourglass wants to look less “sexy” in their everyday look, they opt for a higher neckline trying to cover their entire breasts. The result is completely unexpected, because a high neckline such as a turtleneck neck or even a crew neck will only draw attention to your large chest.

Large embellishments and girly details such as ruffles on tops should be avoided in hourglasses. They add too much volume to your already luscious curves. You already look feminine without them, so there is no need for them.

Any casual tops with gathers don’t go with the hourglass. This design only makes women look like an hourglass


The best sweaters for an hourglass figure are deep V-neck cardigans. They are not only comfortable, but also beautifully accentuate the upper body without being too sexy. If you have a short waist, a cropped length is the best choice.

The hourglass figure should have several of these cardigans in different colors and fabrics that you can wear all year round to adapt to the changing weather.

Short sweaters should be avoided in hourglass shape. While oversized sweaters are in vogue, they only add a figure, not an hourglass.


Featuring Kiara, 5’2″, hourglass

The perfect jacket for an hourglass is a deep V-neck with two buttons side by side.
In the fall, choose a three-quarter sleeve jacket to complement your slender wrists, slim your entire body, and balance the thick, hourglass-like impression.

Double-breasted jackets are excluded from the hourglass as they simply widen the front and add volume to the top. If you are a petite woman in the shape of an hourglass, they are not particularly flattering.


How to Dress Hourglass Shape Casually

The best coat for an hourglass is a fit coat with a deep V-neck. This style emphasizes your greatest asset, the thin waist, and flattens the shape of the curve.

A coat with a belt looks very good on an hourglass because it can draw attention to the beautiful curves.

The wrap coat flows naturally along the curve, making it ideal for hourglasses. What’s more, the wrap can be adjusted to fit your big breasts and small hips without you feeling restricted in the front.

Hourglasses look best on single-breasted coats than on double-breasted coats. Single-breasted coats, especially dark-colored coats, have the slimmest effect of being able to balance the overall curved shape.


How to Dress Hourglass Shape Casually

The best shoes for an hourglass are open toe pumps. These pumps are perfect for your body type. They also make your legs look longer. This is especially important if you missed it. Hourglass chart.

The round toe also looks good in an hourglass shape. Everything around corresponds to the general shape of the hourglass.

We don’t recommend using girly details like bows or frills anywhere else in the hourglass, but they can be very eye-catching when worn on shoes.

Flat hourglass shoes don’t look as good as heels.

Pumps with very narrow heels and pointed toes are not the best choice for an hourglass.

Any cowboy boots will make the hourglass look bigger than it is. If you have a miniature hourglass figure, your legs will be cut off in these boots. They add volume to your legs, so they don’t go against the hourglass shape, which has already taken on juicy curves

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